My life journey has taken me around a many corners, but it has led me to a career that I now thoroughly enjoy.

Having served in the Royal Australian Navy for 10 years as an Electronics Technician, I was introduced to this new thing called ‘The Internet’ in 1996. Curiosity got the better of me an I desperately wanted to learn more about this new thing. The natural progression was into the world of Information Technology.

Many years later and having been exposed to many different industries, I find myself wanting to give back share my knowledge with the next generation of IT guru’s. So I took the next career change and became a Vocational Educator delivering the Diploma in Web Development and Design at TAFE.

After major skin cancer scare and operation in 2011, I got a little impatient lying around and doing nothing (especially after the painkillers wore off) for a week. So what else do you do but start teaching yourself mobile application development of course! This led me to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Mobile Application development.

Whilst teaching adult students for several years, I started to see there was a difference in how they learned and how the teachers around me were facilitating. An opening at the college I worked at became available – and I was now in the eLearning world and ready to affect change by combining my web and mobile development skills with my education skills.

Since then I have developed a passion for technology based learning and especially in the adult learning world. I’ve also completed a Post Graduate Vocational Certificate in Digital Education and written a book called The Seven Year Education Itch covering what I've discovered about adult learning with technology. I've also compiled some of my articles into an eBook called Discovering Educational Technology for Adult Learners. Both books are available on multiple platforms to download and read.

I also enjoy sharing and presenting both online and in person. The highlight was presenting at the National Moodle Moot conference in Perth on Student Analytics, another area I'm excited to be involved in.

In my spare time I love to research new technologies (especially Education and eLearning tools) as well as spend time with my family. I love to get away on my Triumph Tiger 800, just to checkout those corners in my journey I may have missed.


Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun - Albert Einstein