My learning journey started 30 years ago when I joined the Royal Australian Navy as an Electronics Technician. In 1996 my brother introduced me to this ‘thing’ called ‘The Internet’. My technical curiosity of how this ‘thing’ worked soon turned into an obsession. On leaving the Navy I delved into Web Development where I continued until starting my career as a Vocational Instructor (Adult Learning) in Web Development.

It was here that I started to notice how adults learn, especially with technology. I wanted to make a difference, but didn’t know how. I then recalled a conversation I had with a fellow developer who had become a Broker, so he could make a difference in the Finance world. It was here that I found I could combine my Web Development and Facilitation / Teaching skills to move into eLearning and Instructional design.

With the rapid growth of mobile learning, I competed a Post Graduate Certificate with Charles Sturt University on Mobile Application Development, providing me with a greater insight in to how mobiles can be used in learning. Although this course was beneficial, it demonstrated to me how NOT to deliver a course online. Communication and feedback was very poor. The delivery method of online presentations did not work on a Mac (noting I was developing in iOS). The online presentations were boring as they were straight out of the text book. One unit, the introduction was ‘We’re putting this course here as we have nowhere else to put it’ – a great way to disengage a student!

I’ve continued to develop eLearning resources and am an advocate for new technologies in learning and development.