Personal Learning Experience

During my learning at High School where I was dictated too in history classes is a clear example of what constructivism is not. There was no collaboration or encouragement to solve any problems. 'A learner is active in the process of taking in information and building knowledge and understanding: in other words, of constructing their own learning. (Le Cornu & Peters, 2003). The student is not active in any of the learning and is not able to construct their own learning from this.

Contrast this with the second experience in high school where I was activity involved in the design and execution of a simulated trench warfare exercise. This activity was able to create meaning and knowledge by introducing a method of learning that was fun and relatable. We had to collaborate and think about how we could defend our own trench whilst at the same time derive a plan to attack the other trench. This allowed us to hypothesize, question, investigate, imagine and invent (Gray).

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