My personal learning experiences have been quite diverse. Below are some examples from my schooling and professional training.

Primary School

I recall doing an assignment on the Commonwealth Games held in Brisbane, Australia in 1982. I can’t honestly recall who was teaching us, but I do recall having to try and draw the mascot for the games, Matilda. I was learning by doing and I think it was two-fold. One was to improve or test out our creative side, the second would be recollecting what was discussed in the classroom. The mascot is now part of a service station chain known as Matilda and I often recall this school project.

High School

From High School, I recall being dictated too by a Mr B in Modern History. The teacher would simple around the room and dictate to us a particular subject and we had to write it down, word for word. Contrast this to another teacher (can’t recall her name) where we were learning about WW1 and simulated a close combat trench warfare exercise with desks and tables - heaps of fun! These two teaching methods are incredibly varied, yet I recall both of them. If I was to draw on one of them, it was the learning by doing as opposed to simply relaying onto paper the voice of the teacher.

Professional Training

Whilst studying online a Post Graduate Certificate in Mobile Application Development through a reputable University in 2013, I learnt how not to deliver an online course. I’ve two examples, both from the same module titled Mechanics of Games. I was given the resources as part of the course and the main resource was just a Slideshow, as well as two books. The opening comments were ‘We’re putting this here as there is nowhere else to put it’. This was a massive deflation for commencing the course and made me question why I was doing it. The second was the lack of timely feedback. I did not receive feedback on two assignments until after the final exam.