Hi – my name is Julian Davis and I’ve been involved in adult education for the past 9 years. Prior to moving into education, I was a self-taught web developer with background in electronic engineering. When I started teaching a diploma in web development, I identified there was a gap in the way adults were learning with technology which set me on the path of combining my software development and education skills to move towards eLearning.

It was here I found my calling and continue to be an early adopter of technologies that assist adult learners to learn. I currently work for a large Government organisation as their Senior Digital Learning Adviser. The organisation has an average demographic of 55-year-old Male. Being in Education and Training in a corporate environment provides its own challenges but adding in the older demographic and some resistance to change takes it to the next level.

Taking this course will allow me to apply instructional design models to technology in learning, insuring I’m applying the correct techniques to improve engagement and retention.