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The digital document I created is titled ‘xAPI in a nutshell’

The purpose of the the document is to provide a simple explanation of xAPI.

The target audience is middle management to provide them with a brief concept of what xAPI is as it leads into more training.

As the concept title includes ‘Nutshell’, the colour pallet will consist of browns and dark orange. The text will be white and black based on the background of the object the text is on.

The end result will be available initially as a handout or an image sent via an email. As the infographic was developed online, it may also be embedded into a webpage.

Below are infographic that was developed using Venngage . They can be viewed publicly at and

xapi in a nutshell
Examples of xAPI


The reason for selecting Venngage to develop the infographics was the ease of use. I had used other products in the past including PictoChart, and the use of Venngage allowed me to use an alternative application.

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