With this weeks assignment, I’m sticking with the xAPI theme. This time i’ll be providing a real world, slightly different example of how xAPI might be used.

Instructional Need / Objective 

To provide an insight into a real world solution for xAPI

Learning Activity audience

This is targeted toward any user that has an interest in how flexible the xAPI specification can be and would like to know a real world example.


An audio lesson can have its advantages, but also, it’s disadvantages. I say this from experience. I find when I listen to a lesson or a podcast, the subject may be something of interest to me, but the way the person is speaking can have a lot to do with retaining an interest or obtaining the objective of the session. I find sometimes that a monotonal voice will turn me off and I find myself zoning out or checking something else on the phone. The narration needs to vary in pitch and tone. The speed that the person is talking is also critical to obtaining the objective. I also believe that the length of the lesson should not be too long so as not to disengage the learner.

To develop this audio lesson, I recorded on my iPhone and converted using the open source software called ocenaudio for Mac.

Below is my audio lesson for this week:


The audio recording was achieved with an iPhone and iTunes. This was based on prior experience.