For this assessment I’ve used a product called H5P. I’ve been using this tool for the past 2 years and find that it’s incredibly flexible for delivering digital content.

Recently H5P released in Beta a Branching Scenario as a new Content Type.

Along with some additional context, I’ve taken the resources developed across this module and applied them to the Branching Scenario Content type to create a simple course titled ‘Getting to know Experience API’.

The Branching Scenario allowed me to add the videos from Week’s 5 and 6. Using their interactive video content type, I was able to add some simple questions within the video’s to reinforce learning.

The questions and content will form part of my final capstone project for LDX400.

Click on Start the course below to get started.

Click on the logo below to go to H5P and create your own account and start discovering what it’s all about.


I decided to use H5P based on experience and the desire to learn the newest content type called Branching Scenario.