Select a training delivery option 

Online delivery via Learning Management System – Moodle.

Determine the type of data you expect to receive

Knowledge Assessment.

Determine evaluative data collection method

Due to the nature of the course subject, I will be collecting both qualitative and quantitative data through Experience API. The data can then be viewed in a Learning Record Store and used for analysis.

Executive summary

I will be developing an eLearning course that will introduce Instructional Designers / eLearning developers to Experience API (xAPI). Whilst there is no pre-requisites for the course, it would be advantageous for the learner to have some knowledge of eLearning authoring tools and HTML5 (including JavaScript).

The course will take the learner on a journey that will include the history of xAPI and why the need of the specification was developed. The structure of xAPI is critical, so a large part of the course will be used in introducing the technology and methodology behind xAPI.

As well as understanding the structure of xAPI, the learner will also be introduced to where the data is stored and how it can be used in real world environments.

The course will be developed using a range of tools and delivered via Moodle. There will be formative assessments in the way of knowledge checks at each section of the course. A final summative assessment based on a knowledge check and small practical assessment where the learner will be required to demonstrate (via screen capture or link) a simple online course or application that demonstrates how they generated xAPI statements and where they captured data.

Data collected from the course will be made available to learner at the end of the course to view in the Learning Record Store. This provides the learner with the actual data captured from the course, which will demonstrate how xAPI works and be relevant to the learner.

As well as presenting the learner with the data, the data will be used to improve the design of the course moving forward.