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For each criterion, select if the course complies by marking a 1 in the Complies column. At the end of the scorecard, total the complies to gain an overall score out of 18. Should further clarification be needed, add additional notes in the Assessors Notes column.

Criteria Complies Assessors Notes
1 Navigation and Structure
1.1 Learning Objectives are clearly defined and follow a structure    
1.2 Course contains an intuitive navigation system      
1.3 All hyperlinks and resources link to the correct pages or resource    
2 Course Content
2.1 Content is mapped to the learning objectives    
2.2 Content is written to the target audience    
2.3 Content is marked and referenced appropriately where applicable    
3 User Interface / User Experience 
3.1 The correct amount of real estate is allocated for the layout of the course    
3.2 The course is responsive to various devices and screen resolutions    
3.3 Any use of graphics or multimedia used is referenced appropriately    
4 Assessment Activities
4.1 Assessments are mapped to the learning objectives    
4.2 Assessments are delivered so as not to be ambiguous and achievable with the technology covered    
4.3 Assessments provide instant feedback on all measurable questions including True / False, Multiple Choice etc    
5 Accessibility
5.1 Delivery of the site conforms to WCAG 2.1 AA rating    
5.2 Content is delivered in a way that is easily read when viewed in a larger resolution    
5.3 Alternative means are available for the resources and content.    
6 Collaboration
6.1 Learners are encouraged to contribute to forums    
6.2 Forum rules are clearly defined    
6.3 Use of communication technology is encouraged throughout all activities in the course    
Total marks Out of possible 18