Planning eLearning Projects

It is said that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. So how exactly do you plan a successful eLearning project from day one? eLearning is a complex process. Online learners can chat with an online instructor by text or video call, but mostly it’s just them and the computer. To ensure […]

50 Instructional Design Acronyms You Need To Know

This is a great resource for those wanting to get into Instructional Design or even those already in the industry. Was a few in here I hadn’t heard of before! Check it out at 50 Instructional Design Acronyms You Need To Know

Pulling Data Back from the LRS: Correlation for Analysis

I recently came across this article by Anthony Altieri that provides some great tools on how to retrieve data from the a LRS. Read the article at  Pulling Data Back from the LRS: Correlation for Analysis : Learning Solutions Magazine

Making Blended Learning Work

  Blended learning incorporates a variety of ways to deliver learning materials and activities, and selecting delivery approaches is part of the instructional design process. The approaches you select will depend on who the learners are, what objectives have been developed, what methods of assessing learning you have designed in alignment with those objectives, and […]

Content types and Major Accessibility Improvements to #H5P

Two New Content types and Major Accessibility Improvements including the launch of two new content types, Flashcards and Image Sequencing! In addition, there have been major improvements made to accessibility and score feedback; both of which represent huge steps forward in terms of usability for H5P. Read more at New Release: Two New Content types […]

Captivate – Go to next slide in Javascript

Whilst recently converting a Captivate 9 elearning project to use xAPI, I wanted to capture custom verbs for the xAPI. I came across this great article that makes it easy to use. So I won’t repeat it here, just go check it out! Captivate Javascript xAPI Customization | Best Practices for xAPI With the new […]

Blended Learning In Corporate Training

I read with interest this article on the benefits of blended learning in the corporate environment. The Blended learning method is not only a great methodology for delivery, but it also helps adults learners that may have difficulty understanding the content. Following up with a face-to-face session provides the necessary feedback and encouragement that may […]

Creating Better Blended Learning

Over the last decade blended learning has advanced significantly, largely due to the incorporation of Learning Management Software. In the past LMS would have provided the online courses for learners, but now there is the theory that students and staff should be provided with resources, not courses. Read more at  4 Tips To Create Better […]

Mind the gap between UI and UX in eLearning

Finding the balance between User Interface and User Experience is always a challenge for Instructional Designers. James Quilty from Logic Earth has written a great article with resources that may help yo with your future UI and UX Read more at Why you need to mind the gap between UI and UX in eLearning

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