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Digital Learning Analytics

Do you know what your learners are doing online? Just because you have a Learning Management System doesn’t mean your digital learning is working.

Digital learning Solutions

There are so many different learning tools available it can be quite a challenge to decide what works best. Do you know what’s working for you and your digital learning environment?

Digital Learning Architecture

Do you have orphaned applications in your learning environment? I look at the entire learning environment and discover ways to bring it all back together to form a complete integrated learning environment.

What can I help you with?

  • Digital learning solutions for your organisation
  • Digital learning environment analysis
  • Integrating new digital learning systems and applications
  • Digital learning analytics and reporting through xAPI
  • Digital learning environment architecture design
  • Learning Management System advice and consultation
  • eLearning courses review for student engagement
  • Moodle development and implementation

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Published Books

Below are links to the eBooks I’ve had published. You can download them for free from the direct download or search the titles to find a version for your device.

Just a word of caution, I used Amazon as a launch pad for the ebooks and search engine optimisation. However, they don’t allow you to mark your books as FREE, so best to download from somewhere else 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to review my work, please leave a comment if you found them useful.

Discovering Educational Technology for Adult Learners

Discovering Educational Technology for Adult Learners

Delving more into the technological advances of education and it’s delivery online, I discover so many cool things that should be shared. This eBook is a compilation of the stories and articles I’ve written that are worth sharing.

ISBN: 9781370273836

 Download as ePub

Seven Year Eduction Itch

The Seven Year Education Itch – Adult Learning in Vocational Training

Education with technology is constantly changing, and adult learners can be left behind as more and more eLearning teaching methods are adopted. This book covers some of the experiences I’ve faced and some sound advice on how to manage adult learners that struggle with technology in their learning
ISBN: 9781370951222

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A little about me

Multi Award winning Digital Learning Solutions Architect, Presenter, Facilitator, Author.

Being involved in web and learning technologies for the past 25 years provides me with a vast knowledge base and experience to understanding what organisations need when it comes to digital learning (or eLearning).

Coming up with a term that would cover where my skills and experience fit in the world of eLearning can be summarised as a Digital Learning Solutions Architect.

I’ve extensive experience in H5P, Experience API (xAPI), Learning Management Systems, Learning Record Stores, AR / 360 technology, HTML5, Adobe Suite, Mobile learning, Adult Learning Principles, adaptive technologies, instructional design and many other tools that make me an out of the box thinker developing solutions driven outcomes.

I’ve published two eBooks on the technologies challenges faced by adult learners in the ever changing learning environment and also presented at local, national and international conferences.

In 2018 I was admitted as an Associate Fellow to the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AFAITD) for demonstrating a significant contribution to the Learning and Development Profession.

If you think that I can help you with your Digital Learning Environment, please reach out via LinkedIn, Twitter or here.

In 2019 I started developing a concept around using xAPI and Video Assessment. After many years of part time development, testing, trial and error, I eventually launched Remote Reviewer



AITD 2019 Award Finalist Best Onboarding / Induction program "
2022 Diamond Award for Best eLearning Project - Hybrid Pre-Induction / Onboarding"
AITD 2019 Award Winner Best Onboarding / Induction program "
AITD 2019 Award Winner Best Onboarding / Induction program "
AITD 2019 Award Winner Best Onboarding / Induction program "