With the advent of ChatGPT being everywhere lately, I wanted to see what it could do. I played with the ‘how to make a chocolate cake’ and ‘write me a song about riding a motorcycle’ and the results were pretty awesome, albeit a little corny in the motorcycle song.

It made me think about how this could be applied in course development. So I started asking different questions around xAPI (given I’m a bit of nerd on this subject’)

So first I asked:

What is xAPI? – the response

what is xAPI?

Write me a course

Ok, that’s a good start. Let’s see if it can write a course for us:

Write me a course

Hoping you can read that as it’s I had to zoom out.


You can even ask it to elaborate on a particular section, in plain english

expand prerequisites first point

expand prerequisites first point

This is incredible as to what it can produce and will greatly improve the development of course content, but I don’t think it will replace it.

What do you think?

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