Scrolling through the app store on my Mac this morning I came across this app called Blogo. It states that you can synchronise all you blogs from your WordPress site into a simple app. Given that I like to write whenever I can, I thought I’d give it a go.

This is the first entry from the app and written on my Mac. I’ve installed the app on my iPad Pro and iPhone 6+. I created an account initially on the Mac and once I logged in on my other devices, all my blog posts were available to me. After saving this one, the article was available on my devices.

I’m able to add tags or use ones that are already available on my site. I can schedule the article as well as add images and a featured image.

One downside is the spell checking, it dosen’t highlight any misspelt words. It does use the word suggestion when typing though, which can be helpful.

The screen layouts on each device are well designed. Below are screen dumps from each device Added using Blogo on Mac, just right click and add image. There are some basic abilities to edit the image as well, which is pretty cool.


Mac Blogo


iPad Blogo





It’s really easy to use for the short amount of time I’ve used it. I’ve still to test the offline version, that is, writing a blog without being connected to the website. If you’re interested, have a look at

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