Discovering the H5P Interactive Video Library

interactive_video_icon-colors_0As I discover more about the features of H5P, I’d like to share some of the things I’m finding. One of the first little trip up’s I discovered was in the Interactive Video Library.

When I simply uploaded a link to Vimeo I found that it didn’t work across multiple browsers. This is where I discovered that you need to have multiple video formats to support the multiple browsers. Once I discovered this, it made perfect sense to me. HTML5 Video has the ability to list multiple video types and the browser will play the supported video.

This may not seem like by much, but if this is something I found, I’ve sure that someone else will come across this issue as well.

So far I’ve identified 3 types that seem to work across multiple devices. These are:

  • MP4
  • YouTube
  • WebM

I don’t think the order is important as the browser will just ignore what it doesn’t support.

h5p video interaction


For me, I used SnagIt to create a screen capture and annotate the video. This may need additional editing with a video editor like iMovie or something similar. Use this video as a base for the YouTube and WebM formats.

To create the WebM format, I simply used a free converter called

If you’ve already added Interactions and you decide to make changes to the video, just replace the video one at a time – DO NOT DELETE ALL AT ONCE (I made this mistake and had to start again). By having one video there, the interactions will remain. You may need to move the positioning of some of the interactions, but this is very easy to do.

Hope this helps some out. I’ll post more articles on H5P as I continue discovering 🙂

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