Recently I was presented with a tricky issue. When returning to a graded Question slide that had already been submitted, the Player buttons Next and Previous were still showing.

Everything was turned off at both Player and Slide properties, but the buttons were still there.

Some forums suggested using another layer to hide the buttons, but unfortunately this doesn’t hide buttons in the Player, only in the area that you can control.

The solution is in the Master slides. Here’s what to do:

With Storyline 360 open and the project you want to change open, navigate to View and select Slide Master

Locate the slide that is used for Questions and add a new slide trigger. Set the Trigger to the following:

Action: Change State Of
on Object: (Buttons on the Player) Next Button
To State: Hidden
When: Timeline Starts
Object: This will be the Title of the slide you’re on

Hie player buttons
Click to open image
Hide player buttons on storyline
Click to open image

Add another trigger for the Previous button (so you’ll end up with two triggers linked to the Slide Triggers .

Close the Master View.

That’s it! SAVE and preview your quiz.

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