Insta360 NanoI recently purchased the Insta360 Nano camera for both personal and educational means. First impressions are that it’s pretty easy to use and the resulting graphics are pretty impressive. This is the first 360 camera I’ve used and the idea’s are already starting to fill my head!

I’ve been playing with the 360 video aspect and coupled with H5P I can see how this can be used in an online educational environment. Imagine taking a 360 video or 360 still of a work place with Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) issues strategically placed. You could use Hidden Hotspots to locate and select the issues that need to be addressed. Coupled with an integration with a Learning Record Store like Learning Locker, you have an end to end formative assessment solution with learning analytics.

The Virtual Reality (VR) function with the available app, coupled with the box the Nano came in that doubles as a cardboard is pretty cool and I was able to spin a few people out in my office!

Insta360 Nano Cardboard VR

You can share images and videos to the Insta360 site. Below is one of my step-daughter ‘singing in the rain‘ as an example of how it looks in the viewer on the website. At the top of the iPhone simulator, change the perspectives to see what the different ones are like. Use your mouse to move the image around to take a look.

Some items from a beginner that I found that you need to be mindful of:

Overall, I’m pretty impressed and look forward to what I can come up with. Watch this space 🙂

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