elearningRecently I was made redundant from my position as an eLearning Manager for a very large private RTO (read more here). I’ve been immersing myself in all the usual careers websites including Seek, CareersOne and the QLD Government sites for any Instructional Design or eLearning roles in the Brisbane / Gold Coast area.

I’ve still got a few applications in, but thought since I do most of my articles and communicating through my site, I thought why not ask and see what’s out there?.

It never hurts to ask and you never know what might come out of posting it!


So here is my pitch from my CV:

I am a highly motivated and innovative educational technologist, instructional designer, leader and facilitator.

I have accomplishments in both student and trainer engagement through effective use of technology and face-to-face learning. I have over 8 years’ experience in leadership, instructional and course design, VET and project management and over 15 years’ experience with web and mobile technologies.

I have a strong work ethic based on a military background (Navy) spanning over 20 years. This has provided me with the skills to be incredibly focused and diligent under pressure. I have higher level skills in understanding and researching eLearning tools and applying them to adult learning principles and theories.

I’m highly collaborative in working with all departments to see a project through. Having a technical background couple with my educational skills allow me to develop a rapport with stakeholders and students as well as translate and report to senior management on technical issues.

I’m an accomplished presenter having presented at National and Internet based Moodle conferences on the benefits of student analytics in Moodle. I’ve also published a book titled ‘The seven year education itch’ that covers my experience with adult learners in the Vocational sector over the past seven years.

So if anyone knows or is looking for a highly motivated, thinks outside the box, eLearning specialist – please let me know. You can access my CV here or checkout my complete career history and some references on Linkedin or contact me via Twitter or use the form below.

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