Reflections on change in eLearning. What we accomplished

Complaints Department is Closed

Today I was made redundant from my role as eLearning Manager. Whilst this was a necessity for the company and the changes in the VET industry, I totally understand and accept the redundancy. There is no need to whine about what is, but I do want to reflect on some of the major changes and the impact that my awesome eLearning team and I have made over the past 2 years.

  • Mobile up methodology – The Moodle instance was given a complete facelift to make it completely mobile ready. This encompassed a name change for the LMS and incorporation of Google Analytics.
  • Unit Redesign – Using Moodle plugins and CSS, we redesigned the unit layout to be more organic and responsive. These include Unit Video introductions and accordion style resource access.
  • Apple Integration – with students having access to iPads for their studies, we took on an extensive program of training and resources to provide students with tools to complete their studies on an iPad. This, to my knowledge at the time, was the only VET RTO providing an end to end solution for studying on an iPad.
  • iTunes U Courses and iBooks – We developed all Business Diploma’s learner guides into engaging interactive iBooks that were coupled with iTunes U Courses. These courses gave students the ability to use the educational tools built into the iPads as well as communicate with their tutors in a much easier level.
  • Mobile Innovators – We introduced Mobile Innovators to give tutors and branch managers the ability to train other staff and students how to incorporate Apple and mobile products into the classroom.
  • Common Moodle Theme’s – with the introduction of faculty branding, we needed to come up with a solution to cross theme our Moodle instance. Having multiple Moodle instances was un-manageable, so we developed a common-theme and custom styling for each of the brands.
  • Unit Rating and Feedback – Develop a simple local plugin for Resource specialists and Management to review feedback from students on units. This provided valuable information on how to improve the units.
  • Articulate – Develop learner guides into online, cross-browser, cross-platform interactive learning guides. The guides  included videos, searchable content, quizzes and learning activity guides.
  • Student Analytics – This was a big step forward to understanding how students behave in Moodle. This plugin has been well received throughout the elearning community both nationally and internationally.
  • Learning engagement – Although not completely finished before I was made redundant, the last project I was working on included the use of H5P as learning objects and passing xAPI statements back to Learning Locker (Learning Record Store) and then accessed via Student Analytics.


I’ve had an amazing journey over the past 2 1/2 years and believe I’ve made a significant impact to the students learning. I know we were the BEST RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT TEAM IN AUSTRALIA, and we were at the cutting edge of distant delivery with technology.

I want to personally thank my manager, Kerrie for her belief and trust in me to take things to the next level – she even got her holograms….

To my team, Karine, Suzie, Rachel, Lachlan, Moana, Rachael, Emma, Lee, Amy and Mark – thank you so much for your awesome work, dedication and innovation over the past 2 years. You’re all amazing and I wish you luck in your future endeavours. You know where I am if you need a reference 🙂

To the rest of the Resource Development team, we all just ‘clicked’ and everything just ‘worked’ (some would say  just like Apple!). The heart and soul of the resources was all of us working collaboratively and I will always carry the memories and achievements we worked so hard for and achieved.

The complaints department is now closed.


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