Swivl TrademarkThis week I received my Swivl C1 robot and thought I’d share my first impression.

The Swivl is a robot that allows your iPhone to be used as a complete video recording session. Based on a ‘marker’ that sits around your neck or hand on a lanyard, the InfraRed marker will allow the Swivl robot to follow you around.

When testing the Swivl, I found that with the long lanyard, the microphone in the marker can pick up background noise as well as a reducing the voice pickup. The marker has an additional microphone jack, so I went and got a Lapel Mic. This proved to be much better.

The robot also comes with a years subscription to the Swivl Cloud. This allows you to upload your raw video straight to the cloud where you can then download and edit where needed.

The base of the robot has a standard tripod mounting screw. I’ve had small portable tripod that fits the Swivl perfectly for a desk mount.

I’ll be using the Swivl for the first time when I present at the Moodle Moot 2016 in Perth on 28th September 2016. Watch this space for an update on how it goes!

Below is what I’ll be using for the presentation.

Swivl C1 with tripod

Checkout more about Swivl at http://swivl.com. Overall, I’m very happy with what it can do and can’t wait to see what else I can do with it!

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