using xAPI in a Virtual Learning Environment VLE

Recently I’ve been conducting a little more research into the Experience API, also known as xAPI and Tin-Can API. For those that don’t know, xAPI is the new standard to replace the dated SCORM packages that were created some 10 years ago. Whilst SCORM is great and has its place, there are many limitations to […]

Periodic table for instructional design

I recently came across this little infographic that explains some instructional design theories in a different context that I wanted to share. Created by eLearning Brothers, this infographic covers Customer and Learning facing user experiences as well as best practises and what can cause a course to come undone. Check it out below.

Understanding Student behaviour in your LMS

Recently I’ve completed heading up a project with ACTE  that allows tutors / trainers to be able view up to 12 weeks of their students learning analytics, all from within the LMS. Analytics for monitoring student behaviour in a Learning Management System (LMS) is generally reserved for management and academic teams to base decisions on. […]

How The Remind App Enhances Adult Learner Engagement 

As seen on Recently I stumbled across an app called Remind. According to their website it states: Remind is a communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students and parents. Send quick, simple messages to any device. This statement is targeted at K12, this doesn’t stop it working effectively with adult learners. After playing with […]

ADDIE model for eLearning

I came across this great article explaining how the ADDIE model works. Hope it helps some one.   Image from

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