Having just sat on a on industry expert panel for vocational education, there were discussions around what the future of learning is. From a higher ed perspective, it was discussed that we should be teaching our learners HOW to learn. This is very previlant to our every changing industries. Chances are that when a student finishes their course, the content could be outdated, so they need to know how to continue learning.

This got me thinking about how this would work with adult learners with technology. Knowing the challenges that adults face using technology to learn, how do you do this? How do you get an adult that is set in their ways of learning to learn to ‘learn’ again? This is a massive challenge for any trainer and it will come down to the relationship between the trainer and the student. Looking at the digital bLefs (http://digitallearningsolutions.com.au/digital-blefs/), all of these challenges need to be overcome to allow an adult learner to use technology on the future to continue learning.

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