The eLearning Podcast – a chat about Soufflé out of mud – an xAPI challenge

Talking to Stephen Ladek from LMS Pulse about the article I wrote on Soufflé out of mud – an xAPI challenge on how I overcame the challenge of introducing and using xAPI in a learning environment.

What we talk about in the podcast

  • Mudpies! Children love making them, but being given one and expecting to create an amazing learning experience, may not be as fun.
  • And why a mud pie is almost never  just a mudpie. There’s mudpie user, mudpie deliverables, mudpie backwards  compatibility and of course, mudpie stakeholders.
  • Why it’s much better to innovate by trying out, or better, allowing yourself to try new things on your regular work, than waiting for a director with a dozen priorities to give the go-ahead to a groundbreaking idea.
  • But why it’s also important to find the “big button” and make any new development as relevant as possible for the organization and their leaders. Once they’ll get it, they’ll want more.
  • I talk about various elearning technologies: xAPI of course, Articulate, Learning Locker, CMI5; and is “SCORM” finally becoming a bad word?

Checkout the podcast below on the eLearning Podcast page or listen below

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