Over the years I’ve been asked how I got into eLearning and Instructional Designing. I’d always wanted to teach and when the opportunity presented itself some years ago, I jumped at the chance. It was only then that I realised that as much as I wanted to teach, my expertise lay in technology and eLearning.

This was predominantly based on my software and web development background and I’ve been able to combine both educational design and technology to make a difference.

This article came up in my feed and wanted the share what others think of the skills needed to make it in the education technology world.

As they say, change is the only constant. With changing times, companies need to focus more upon developing their core strength – their employees; the real harbingers of progress and growth. So, if employees are such an important asset, what position do Learning and Development professionals, the ones who develop these employees, hold? How can they remain relevant and, more importantly, competent, when faced with an avalanche of constant change?

Read the article at 5 Essential Skills To Become A Learning And Development Pro – eLearning Industry

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