Understanding Student Behaviour in Moodle – Presentation at Moodle Moot 2016

Moodle Moot 2016At the recent Moodle Moot Australia in Perth, Western Australia I was fortunate to have my presentation accepted. The presentation is based on the Student Analytics plugin that is designed for Moodle.

The conference has been an awesome experience and allowed me to network and discuss idea’s around learning analytics with Moodle data analysts and other Moodle users.

It also gave me an opportunity to use the Swivl for the first time. Below is my presentation where I’ve used the Swivl to record the session and the slides are at the bottom of the page.


I had a fantastic time and would recommend the Moot to anyone involved in Moodle. Have you considered becoming a member of the Moodle User Association? Check them out at https://moodleassociation.org

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions via social media on any of the links on the top left.


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