Recently, an interesting conversation came up with my colleagues about how we got into elearning. This prompted me to share my experience of how a simple video changed my career trajectory.

It was 2009. I was starting my new career in education after moving from industry to commence teaching the Diploma of Web Development at a Vocational College for adult learners (South Western Sydney Institute TAFE for those in the know)

As part of the new teach induction, we were introduced to all the departments of the business. On this occasion it was iTEL (the name of the acronym escapes me, but I think it was something like Information and Technology elearning). these guys had all the gadgets in their meeting room and it was very modern and impressive.

I remember being captivated by what they were doing and thinking ‘Web based technologies to deliver learning? – now that’s cool AND something I could do.’
The presentation continued and then the Manager presenting (Grant) showed the following video titled Networked Student.

A light-bulb moment for me…this is was my calling..THIS is what I wanted to do.

It was a little while before I could make that ‘AH-HA’ moment become a reality. I taught the Diploma of Web Development for about 14 months when a position was advertised in the iTEL team – I had to apply, even though I didn’t really have the elearning skills, but I had the technical background and was VERY keen.

I recall stoping to fuel the car on the way home and taking a call from the Manager of iTEL (Julie) to advise that I didn’t get the role…however….they would like to offer me a 6 month secondment to the iTEL team. 

I embraced the opportunity presented to me and it launched my career into elearning.

The rest as they say… is history 

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