Tablets in Education – it’s based on the student demographic

Recently I came across an article on EdtechReview around the statistics of iPads in education. I’ve always been a strong advocate for technology in education, and those that know me know that I think Apple products are far more superior than other products on the market, especially with the access to millions of secure apps. […]

The seven year eduction itch is now on SmashWords

After publishing the seven year education itch to iBooks, Kobo and Kindle, it’s now available as a FREE download from Smashwords. Smashwords has also become the independent publisher for the ebook and will be promoting it across multiple platforms. Click the download link below to check it out! Published: Aug. 29, 2016 Words: 12,440 Language: English ISBN: […]

Why and how to flip a classroom

I found this awesome article on on why you should and how you can Flip a classroom written by Shivani Sharma that I wanted to share. It covers some benefits and idea’s on how you can improve your flipped classroom. Check it out at

Sometimes, it’s not the’s the delivery

  Over the weekend I attended a BBQ with my family and a few other families. It was a friendly environment, lots of food, drink and laughter. I want to share with you a short conversation I had. The usual topic of ‘what do you do for a living’ came up, and I struck up […]

Adult Learning – How can I change the status quo?

This is an extract from my book, The seven year education itch (available on iTunes, Amazon and Kobo). When I first started facilitating, I was given guidance and helpful tips from other colleagues that had been facilitating for a very long time. A common theme was they were very set in their ways of how […]

Create simple free education videos

I recently came across a post that led me to mysimpleshow which is a fantastic free tool for creating education videos. To put it to the test, I created a simple video on adult learning and the challenges of technology. I used some text from Technology faced by adult learners. I didn’t add any images or the […]

I’ll be presenting at Moodle Moot 2016

Just a quick one to let you all know that I’ll be presenting at this years Moodle Moot Conference in Perth, Western Australia from September 27th-29th. The first Moodle Moot I’ve presented at! I’ll be doing my presentation on the plugin we developed for Understanding Student behaviour in Moodle. This is based on Student Analytics plugin. You […]

How To Get Past Gatekeepers And Help Get Your eLearning Project Over The Line

It’s difficult to effect change without support, but how do you get the support? Here are 8 concepts to help get past gatekeepers and get your eLearning project over the line. So you have all these awesome ideas on how you can engage students and how you can use technology to improve the way students […]

Create a lightboard on a budget

I came across this post by edtechenthusiast and wanted to share. This is a project that I’ll be following up with! Have a look at:  

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