Bridging the Digital Divide for Adult Learners: Observations Over 8 Years

In my book, The Seven Year Education Itch: Adult Learning in Vocational Training, published in 2016, I explore the various hurdles that adult learners face when grappling with technology. The chapter, “How Adults Struggle with Technology,” discusses a concept I developed to summarise the challenges adult learners encounter with technology. These include biases, digital literacy […]

Samsung Power Up Education Summit

I was recently fortunate to be selected to represent Independent Schools Queensland and attend the Samsung Power Up Education Summit in Seoul. The concept behinds the Summit, the first of its kind for Samsung, was to connect with other educational experts in the Oceania region and gain a better understanding of how Samsung integrated systems […]

ChatGPT – build me a course…

With the advent of ChatGPT being everywhere lately, I wanted to see what it could do. I played with the ‘how to make a chocolate cake’ and ‘write me a song about riding a motorcycle’ and the results were pretty awesome, albeit a little corny in the motorcycle song. It made me think about how […]

Recognition and Awards 2022

This year has seen a lot of growth in my learning and achievements and some awards. I have built a team around the globe to deliver training on DCFC Chargers and implemented a Global Certification Program for all Technicians to be part of a program to service and maintain DC Chargers. I also presented at […]

xAPICohort – A Review on developing GeoLocation in xAPI

The Fall 2020 xAPICohort has now come to an end and I wanted to share my experience, what I learnt and how the xAPICohort can help you gain a better understanding of xAPI. I was part of the xAPI Team Downunder. We were the first dedicated team from Australia which meant we could participate in […]

LMS vs LXP – what’s the difference?

This is a question that was starting to play on my mind a little. I’ve not had a lot, in fact, I’ve not had any exposure to an LXP – or Learning Experience Platform. My career has been focused on LMS – Learning Management System. Like everyone else, I dived into my favorite browser…I mean […]

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