A number of years ago when my Grandmother passed away, a box was presented to me with some family valuables. One of the memories was a photo of my Grandfather whom I never met, he died well before I came into this world.

The photo is my Grandfather (Leslie Davis) sitting on his (circa) 1932 Norton Commando TT 650cc taken around 1936.

Given my love of motorcycles, I wanted to restore the image. I scanned and attempted to rebuild and fix the photo in 2004. Now with the power of H5P, I can use the juxtaposition library to show the difference between the orignal and my restoration attempt.

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  1. I do like these comparison type photograph interfaces. I’m not sure how I’ll use it but I can see many use cases for education; architecture/city planning quickly comes to mind, as well as history. Very nice to see it being used for your personal family history too.

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