Came across this awesome piece of work developed by a colleague across the ditch in New Zealand, Stuart Mealor of eLearning World.

Stuart has taken each of the content types from H5P and mapped them to give you a reference as to how they can be used and how easy they are to create. An awesome job and well worth sharing.

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  1. Hello Julian, my name is Rogério Perego, I am a Portuguese language teacher in Brazil, from the city of Brusque, Santa Catarina. I am developing a website to make interactive materials available to my students and improve their learning. I would like to know if I would be allowed to translate this material into Portuguese and post it on my website with the appropriate link and references? I would also like to know if your colleague from New Zealand could release the source code of this material that he created so that I could put it in this same style, I really liked his work. A big hug and congratulations on your site, inspired me a lot in the preparation of good content for my students. A big hug. Sincerely, Rogério Perego.

  2. Hi Rogererio – thanks for reaching out. I have no problem sharing the page, all I ask is a reference back. My colleague in NZ I’m sure won’t mind, as long as the reference is made back to his site 🙂 as for the source code, Stuart has shared the under Creative Commons, which you can use. I would suggest contacting Stuart directly, just to be sure.

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