In my current work environment, I’m looking to implement xAPI as part of the bigger Virtual Learning Environment. I came across this article that is very insightful, in particular to my current situation.

Unlike other transformative innovations, such as virtual reality or chatbots, xAPI isn’t a delivery mechanism. It’s the unifying specification that would enable all of these innovations to share data. Using xAPI enables L&D leaders to look much deeper into the landscape of learning and performance and potentially assess organizational impact by offering a look at training activity and on-the-job performance by topic or domain, rather than by tool or vendor. This means that all safety training and activity or all leadership development activity can be assessed at once—rather than looking at chat activity separately from activity that occurs in the workflow or within the LMS.

An xAPI-based ecosystem promises more complete data on learning activity and its impact. A recent study by LinkedIn indicates that only eight percent of CEOs see the business impact of L&D programs, and only four percent perceive a clear ROI. Yet, 90 percent of these leaders see L&D as the means to close skills gaps.


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