One of the avenues I’m looking into is the ability to use 360 images or video in an educational environment, enhancing and providing more relevant, engaging and more meaningful online learning tools.

I have an Insta360 Nano which I’ve been using to capture my 360 images and video and as I use it, I’m always thinking about ‘how’ this can be used to improve online learning. One of the idea’s I wanted to investigate further was the ability to capture an office environment and provide details highlighting some WHS issues.

WHS when I was teaching was always a very boring by essential part of any vocational course. I would have countless students saying things like ‘Why do I need to do this? I’m going to be a web developer and just sit at a desk all day‘. This is a fair statement as the course that had been designed was not targeted at their job role, so their fore not relevant. We know that Adult Learners need to learn what is relevant to them.

So, I took a snapshot of my home office and planted a couple of simple things to demonstrate the concept. The software I had been using is not that useful for marking up an image, so I went hunting and found Marzipano. This is a browser based 360 degree viewer that you can markup static 360 images with. Below is what I came up with in less than 5 minutes after creating the 360 image. With some tweaking you can change the CSS to accommodate your companies corporate colours.

This technology is a clear example of how the SAMR model works. We can use this technology as an enhancement for how to deliver using an augmented method.

Have a look around by clicking and scrolling or use the controls at the bottom. Where you see an information icon, click for more details.

Use the image above to look around and then answer the simple questions below:

This is embedded into H5P iFrame Embedder so it won’t pass any xAPI statements to the LRS however if you add an additional library type of a question set, you can combine them to work together.

I can see how this can be used very effectively for a multitude of scenarios and applications and look forward to see how far I can stretch the boundaries.

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