Adult Learning – Memory Game with H5P

Recently, I’ve been posting a few images on issues and points surrounding adult learners. Being a strong advocate for H5P, I’ve taken these images and added them to a memory game library. Why not check it out, see how you go!

Storyboarding eLearning with Twine

As I move into a new role, there is more of a demand to create storyboarding for eLearning courses. I know this is best practise, and I did study it on my Post Grad, but never really implemented it. The first thing I needed to refresh on was ‘What is a storyboard and why do […]

How to use 360 images with Marzipano and Insta360

Recently I wrote about Insta 360 Nano with Marzipano – a great combination. In this article I’ll talk about HOW this was achieved. I used the Insta360 Nano camera for my still images. This is a great little piece of kit and I’ve been using it for the past few months. The Insta360 also comes with free […]

Marking up 360 images – making WHS more engaging

One of the avenues I’m looking into is the ability to use 360 images or video in an educational environment, enhancing and providing more relevant, engaging and more meaningful online learning tools. I have an Insta360 Nano which I’ve been using to capture my 360 images and video and as I use it, I’m always thinking about […]

H5P Updates now include True False Content type plus more

The latest update on H5P is now available, and it has some pretty cool features to bolster what is already a fantastic tool. If you’re running this in Moodle, you will need to ensure you are running version 1.10 (1.0-rc.4 (2016110100)). Navigate to Site Administration > Plugins > Check for Updates and run any updates […]

Using digital technology to improve learning [corporate]

Recently, I’d had to complete a First Aid course and used a company located close to where I live for connivence. This is a company that provides First Aid courses either onsite or on premises ranging from beginner to advanced First Aid courses and are nationally recognised and accredited. Although this company has a Student CRM […]

H5P – Using YouTube to create interactive video’s

I recently posted about a new tool to create platform agnostic elearning interactions at H5P – interactive elearning tool with HTML5 and Javascript. In a continuation from this, I wanted to see how easy it was to create interactive video’s based on a YouTube link. Recently I also discovered a free tool called mysimpleshow which is a great tool […]

The seven year eduction itch is now on SmashWords

After publishing the seven year education itch to iBooks, Kobo and Kindle, it’s now available as a FREE download from Smashwords. Smashwords has also become the independent publisher for the ebook and will be promoting it across multiple platforms. Click the download link below to check it out! Published: Aug. 29, 2016 Words: 12,440 Language: English ISBN: […]

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