The Seven Year Education Itch hits over 500 downloads

Since first publishing The Seven Year Education Itch in July 2016, I’ve hit over 500 downloads through the various channels and publishers, that’s amazing! I can’t thank you all enough for downloading my first book. If you’ve not got your copy yet, you can get it from the following publishers:    

Techniques for adult learners [ARTICLE]

I came across this article and wanted to share. It’s a great article on the effective teaching techniques for older adult learners. Check it out at  

Connecting H5P interactive activity in Moodle to an LRS

Investigating further into H5P, I started playing with the ability to send xAPI statements to our LRS from Moodle. This will give us valuable Learning Analytics when we start using the tool for formative assessments. I downloaded the H5P plugin from the Moodle plugin site and installed into my local development copy of Moodle 3.1. I […]

The Modern Learner

I came across this inforgraph recently and wanted to share as it covers well what today’s learners look like.   Meet the Modern Learner – source

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