Adult Learning Theories Every eLearning Designer Must Know

  Original Article from As an instructional designer, you want to create courses that make a difference to your audience’s lives. You want to create courses that inspire them, that change mindsets and drive performance. In short, you want to create courses that are effective and hit the mark, every time. Now here’s the […]

Elements eLearning course’s should have when targeting adult Learners

Original Article by Christopher Pappas   5 Key Elements Every eLearning Course Targeting Adult Learners Should Have – eLearning Industry This article looks at some strategies to use when delivering to adult learners. There are still technology challenges in some of the concept’s that are highlighted. Introducing adult learners to new ways of learning with technology […]

Adult Learning – what eLearning Pros Need To Know

  Original Article : 10 Adult Learning Facts And Stats That eLearning Pros Need To Know – eLearning Industry This is a great article by Christopher Pappas on Adult Learning facts that is worth sharing. Adult Learning Facts And Stats For eLearning Professionals In order to create meaningful eLearning experiences, you have to know how […]

The Evolution Of eLearning For Adult Learners

A great article by Christina Kay on the Evolution of Learning for Adult Learners. Regardless of your educational goals, there’s an eLearning platform available to help you reach them. Read more at The Evolution Of eLearning For Adult Learners – eLearning Industry

[Opinion] Technology and the Adult Learner: Then and Now

Recently I came across this and article titled ’Technology and the Adult Learner: Then and Now ‘ by  Frawley, James C., (year not given) of North Carolina State University.   ( I read this with interest given my involvement with adult learning, especially with relation to technology and the challenges faced. There is no year […]

What Technology Challenges Do Adult Learners Face

Recently I stumbled across this article that uses my original article on Technology Challenges faced by adult learners It’s quoted at stating: If anyone did not fully understand why the US President stated that “we are in a digital literacy crisis”, this article takes the time to explain what he was communicating. The article also […]

How to Successfully Implement Learning Analytics 

It’s easier said then done to implement any type of learning analytics into your organisation. This article points out some great initiatives to successfully implement learning analytics. Read more at 7 Steps To Successfully Implement Learning Analytics In Your Company – eLearning Industry

Mistakes made in online courses

I came across this interesting article on eLearning Industry that I wanted to share. This does not only affect the younger demographic, but also the older one as well. The final point of Hesitating in asking for help is what I believe to be one of the biggest for adult learners. They tend to let […]

Principles for the Teacher of Adults

The teacher of adults has a different job from the one who teaches children. If you’re teaching adult students, for the best results it’s important to understand and practice five principles espoused by Malcolm Knowles, a pioneer in the study of adult learning. He observed that adults learn best when: They understand why something is […]

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