A Plugin To Understand Student Behaviour: MoodleNews

It was nice to get a Google Alert in my inbox advising I’d come up on Moodle News for my recent presentation at Moodle Moot 2016 in Perth, WA. It’s currently sitting at over 600 views, which I’m pretty stocked about! Click on the image below to access the article.     Or navigate to http://www.moodlenews.com/2016/a-plugin-to-understand-student-behavior-julian-davis-at-moodlemoot-au-2016/

H5P xAPI Statement Quick Reference Guide

I’d searched everywhere for a quick reference guide to the xAPI statements that are passed for each library. Having not been able to locate one, below is a collated list of the xAPI statements for the H5P Libraries that support xAPI. Click on the headings or the statements links to see more details at H5P website. […]

The Seven Year Education Itch hits over 500 downloads

Since first publishing The Seven Year Education Itch in July 2016, I’ve hit over 500 downloads through the various channels and publishers, that’s amazing! I can’t thank you all enough for downloading my first book. If you’ve not got your copy yet, you can get it from the following publishers:    

Insta360 Nano Camera. First impressions

I recently purchased the Insta360 Nano camera for both personal and educational means. First impressions are that it’s pretty easy to use and the resulting graphics are pretty impressive. This is the first 360 camera I’ve used and the idea’s are already starting to fill my head! I’ve been playing with the 360 video aspect and […]

Discovering the H5P Interactive Video Library

As I discover more about the features of H5P, I’d like to share some of the things I’m finding. One of the first little trip up’s I discovered was in the Interactive Video Library. When I simply uploaded a link to Vimeo I found that it didn’t work across multiple browsers. This is where I […]

The seven year education itch now available on Barnes and Noble for download

After publishing the seven year education itch to iBooks, Kobo and Kindle, it’s now available as a FREE download from Barnes and Noble. Education with technology is constantly changing, and adult learners can be left behind as more and more eLearning teaching methods are adopted. This book will point out some techniques and methods you can […]

Living with Dysthymia – you learn to build a facade

This is very difficult for me, but I wanted to share a secret that only a few people know about me. I have a lot of trouble physically ‘talking’ about these types of things and showing emotion. However I do enjoy writing as it lets me speak though my hands. I’m not looking for sympathy […]

Using H5P with YouTube 360 Video

H5P was all the buzz on the recent Moodle Moot 2016 in Perth, Western Australia. I got to talking to a lot of people about what it can do, and one guy, Vernon Spain (LinkedIn) and I talked about using it in 360 Video. I said I’d give it a go, and this is what I […]

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